Undocumented on Campus
Undocumented students face an uncertain future in Donald Trump’s America. Fusion explores the obstacles that young DREAMers face on college campuses. The Naked Truth: Undocumented on Campus tells the story through the experience of a first-year undocumented student from Mexico, studying in Kansas.

*Watch the full documentary on Fusion TV. Link for viewing available upon request.

Objetivo: ser comunicador de la NASA
En el quinto capítulo de La Carrera Especial una estudiante vive el entrenamiento de los astronautas con técnicas de realidad virtual. (El Pais, field producer/translator)

Project to restore an abandoned African-American cemetery in Florida
How one man is restoring an abandoned cemetery where his ancestors were buried. (Al Jazeera America, field producer/researcher)

The Future of Guantanamo
It’s considered one of the most expensive prisons in the world. Full Measure examines the fate of Guantanamo Bay detention camp. (Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson, producer/researcher)

Investigation: The World Bank broke its promise to protect the poor
The World Bank Group is the largest development bank on the planet, spending billions as part of their mission to end extreme poverty in developing countries. But a new investigation led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and Fusion raises questions about whether these projects are really helping. (Fusion Network, producer)

Greenland is a good example of why climate change is so complex (Fusion Network, producer)

Should terminal patients have a right to aid in dying?
When Brittany Maynard chose to end her life at 29, rather than suffer the debilitating effects of terminal brain cancer, she sparked a national debate. Watch that debate on-fold with her husband and a psychiatrist. (Producer for America with Jorge Ramos on Fusion Network)

Unlisted: The billion people who didn’t make the Forbes ranking
Jennifer Munoz is 19, lives in Los Angeles, and has moved 29 times in just the last few years. Munoz is homeless, one of more than 600,000 Americans without a home to sleep in on a given night. As Forbes magazine rolls out its 29th annual list of the world’s richest people this week, Fusion took a look at the other side of the coin. (Fusion, reporter/producer)

“Straight Outta Compton” (Fusion Network, producer)

Why did it take so long to find the Germanwings black boxes?
Officials have retrieved the second black box from the Germanwings flight that crashed while en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. Fusion’s Suzette Laboy breaks down how these devices work and why it takes so long to find them. (Fusion)

Ferguson Special: #HandsUpDontShoot (Fusion Network, producer)

ISIS turned ‘Grand Theft Auto’ into propaganda game (Fusion, producer)

For some Central American kids who speak only a native Mayan language, the U.S. classroom is tough: