Will the unique culture of Miami’s Coconut Grove survive?
MIAMI — With its artsy vibe, lush landscapes and free-roaming peacocks, Coconut Grove has long been known as a bohemian paradise. But as new architecture goes up and its business district revitalizes, Coconut Grove is at risk of losing its unique history and tropical culture.



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Looking back, moving forward

City of Change


3 Historic neighborhoods to get to know
To preserve its past, some of Miami’s neighborhoods are restoring old buildings and offering tours so that the city’s history lives on.

Hong Kong’s SoHo neighborhood is easy to navigate
A giant Buddha and a view from above Hong Kong

Art and fashion collide in Miami’s Design District
MIAMI — It was once was a pineapple farm. Then a rough, industrial neighborhood overlooking a furniture district. Today, the Miami Design District is emerging as an upscale shopping and art mecca.